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International Schools Award

At Rushey Mead Primary School we have been awarded the International Schools Award Accreditation. This celebrates our diversity and internationalism and has brought together all our International work completed in school over the last 3 years. The work broadens horizons for our school community and engages us to realise our part as global citizens.

Below is some of the feedback from the assessors:

"Rushey Mead Primary School has clearly embedded an international dimension across the curriculum, promoting global citizenship and an appreciation of cultural diversity. Internationalism is afforded high profile via its inclusion on the School Development Plan and your wide communication and celebration of international activities and their outcomes across the school and wider community. Your links with schools in Nepal and South Africa have provided rich learning experiences for both pupils and staff, and you have sustained collaboration and communication by various effective means despite Covid restrictions. Your international activities cover a range of subject areas and age groups, taking place throughout the academic year. Pupils have been able to learn about different countries and aspects of their cultures, and interaction with peers in different countries has lent real context and motivation to the learning. Your French language curriculum has been enriched with plenty of cultural input, adding authenticity and context to the language element. The Connecting Classrooms projects have provided valuable CPD experiences for staff via the formal Global Learning training element as well as the opportunity to share good practice with Nepalese colleagues and indeed visit the partner school in 2019. You have good plans to sustain and consolidate your international dimension, by developing existing links with Nepal, forging new links and collaboration, and working towards Re-Accreditation. Congratulations ! We wish you success and enjoyment with your international work. "


Well done to everyone in school for working on this project!